Sticky: The best fake tan – Joliese / idol tan review

Joliese / Idol Tan – Best fake tan review

The best fake tan has been found!

Well as you probably all know I’m slightly addicted to fake tan, I never really get the chance to get much real sun so fake tanning has become a bit of a hobby of mine, ha! Being such an addict of self tanning you get to try lots and lots of different products and my latest one is the idol tan sunless tanning range. My tactic with fake tan products is to get free trials of them, that way if there no good I’ve not lost out! My quest (as lame as it sounds!) is to find the best fake tan product out there.

So, just over a week ago I got the free trial of Idol tan and gave it a go. I had read about it in a few magazines and there was an article about it on one of the celebrity websites I’m addicted to! It had some really good reviews and since I’m trying to find the best fake tan out there I thought I would give it a try.

best fake tan

Well where to start? It ticks all of the boxes for a great self tanner which are:

  • Gives you a great natural tan color and not a nasty looking orange!
  • Applies evenly on your body without leaving white patches!
  • Dries quickly and doesn’t leave a mess on your clothes etc.
  • Smells nice and is good for my skin

It passed all of the above with flying colors! Not only that but it’s been 7 days since I applied it and I’ve still got a nice looking natural tan. It’s not usual for me to big something up this much but this stuff is great and probably one of the best fake tan’s I’ve used. I took some before and after pictures:

The results speak for themselves really! As I said before this has probably been the longest lasting self tan I’ve used, it’s got a really nice feel to it as well and is very easy to apply and spread over your body evenly. Its left my skin feeling nicely mousturised which is a bonus so it feels like I can keep using this stuff and it will be good for my skin!

So maybe my quest for the best fake tan is over? I’m going to keep using this a few more times and see how things go but so far so good! You can get a 2 month supply for around $10 at the moment, but it’s a special offer so I would get it while you can! Click here or the image below to go their site and check out their offers! Feel free to email me and let me know what you think of it, thanks so far for the feedback!

Click here to go to the Idol Tan site and check out their offers including the free trial!

**PLEASE NOTE** – Joliese have rebranded their product as Idol Tan! Don’t worry though, when you go to order, it is the same product that gives the same great tan, just with a different name!

4 Responses to “Sticky: The best fake tan – Joliese / idol tan review”

  1. hey you look fantastic! i ordered myself a free trial today, i will keep you posted with the results when ive used it 🙂

  2. I got a free trial and gave it a try yesterday and was very impressed! im kind of the same as you and ive tried lots of different fake tan products before and most left me looking rather orange! this stuff was great though, very nice natural tan colour. already had a compliment off my best friend asking how i managed to get a tan so quick hehe

  3. looks amazing! thank you for your comment and help chick

  4. hey im back again! finally got around to trying it out and i’ve gotta say that im extremely happy with how it turned out, the tan is so natural looking and smooth! anyway you inspired me to take my own before and after pics so here they are!

    thanks again for the recommendation! 🙂 x